Specialists importing/exporting and distributing fresh produce and regional commodities throughout the world!

We are Green Team Partners Inc.

Green Team Partners Inc. is focused on providing 100% trust, unparalleled responsibility and the highest quality freshness. Our goal and main focus is to bring regional produce and a wide array of consumable products from every continent of the world to the doorsteps of your business.

At Green Team Partners Inc., we use a proprietary quality assurance management system which is product specific to ensure that we deliver high quality consumables throughout the world. This state of the art system helps us to achieve environmental safety and delivery of the best products which far exceed current industry standards. From planting to harvesting to transportation, our techniques and processes ensure delivery of the highest quality consumables to all of our customers. Our global partners who are growers, harvesters, fishermen, loggers, logistics experts and transportation specialists are all members of our Green Team.

Our Mission

Our mission at Green Team Partners Inc. is to introduce regional produce and commodities globally. Our Green Team provides complete import/export and distribution services worldwide. We believe that high quality regional products and consumables should be affordable and accessible to all.

Our services

Our current services focus on brokers, wholesalers and marketplaces throughout the world. We also provide cold storage and ripening room capabilities to businesses in need of such services for their products.


We can service your company’s entire produce needs by providing a wide array of fruit and vegetables which include citrus and non-citrus products.


From seasonal to out of season products you can count on us for quality and the best pricing. Contact us to learn more.

Coffee & Cocoa

Our focus is processed and unprocessed Colombian Arabica coffee. We additionally offer both organic and non-organic coffee beans, as well as cocoa beans.


We also specialize in the global sale of high quantity and top quality refined sugar which comes from our worldwide Green Team Partners Inc.


We currently offer numerous species of South American lumber products which are used globally as building materials, flooring and furniture manufacturing.

Ripening Rooms

Call us today for competitive quotes so your business can benefit from our expansive ripening room and cold storage facilities.

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